Letter From The Owner In The First Issue

Welcome to the first issue of Denver Home Living Magazine! The origin of this magazine began with my journey to right some of the wrongs that I believe existed in the mortgage industry. Frustrated with the traditional loan process, which I consider broken, I started my own mortgage company in 2007 because there was simply a better way to do business. Flash forward ten years and I found myself frustrated again. I wanted to provide informational content to prospective and past clients outside of the online space, but I could not find any options that worked for me. With that in mind, I once again created my own solution to the problem and launched Denver Home Living Magazine. I hope you enjoy this first issue.

My vision is for a thirty-six-page magazine tailored to the needs of current and future homeowners in the Denver metropolitan area that features local businesses, professionals, philanthropies, and educators. Whether it’s an informational article about buying a home, a spotlight on a local restaurant, or an interview with a local designer, I hope what you find within these pages entices you to experience Denver and owning a home in a new and unique way.


Todd Huettner

President, Huettner Capital


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